Going Cheap Resulted in Bulk Acid Tank Leak

The themes of the next few blogs will discuss safety issues with chemical feed, chemical storage, and boiler operation. I had a customer back in 1992 that wanted to eliminate handling of heavy 55 gallon drums of 66 Baume sulfuric acid. The drums were located outdoors in a heated chemical building near the cooling tower.Continue reading “Going Cheap Resulted in Bulk Acid Tank Leak”

PTSA and Remote Monitoring Saves the Day!

Greetings everyone. This is the first blog I have created in which I will be discussing ‘Things I Have Seen Over the Years’. I hope you will enjoy the content and are welcome to post comments at the end of the blog. During startup at a new cooling tower account, 110 gallons of an allContinue reading “PTSA and Remote Monitoring Saves the Day!”